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    Seasoned travelers know there isn’t just one New York—just like there isn’t one Lagos or one Kiev. Each neighborhood within a city has its own vibe.

    You can search for a specific neighborhood, landmark, or street the same way you would for a city—by typing it into the Location field. (ex: “Sagrada Familia, Barcelona” or “Lombard Street, San Francisco”.) You’ll also find neighborhoods and local points of interest identified on the map in your search results

    Learn more about the local area

    Hosts are more than happy to talk about the neighborhood and will often leave a brief description by the map on their listing, if not in the introductory description. They might have even created a guidebook outlining their favorite spots to give you more local flavor—if so, you’ll find that on the listing, too.

    Lastly, don’t forget to read the reviews to find out what other guests think about the area.

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