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Rezervă activități de neuitat, organizate de localnici prin Airbnb.

Activități în apropierea atracțiilor principale

Fotografie cu Calzada de los Frailes
Calzada de los Frailes16 localnici recomandă
Fotografie cu Convent de San Bernardino de Siena
Convent de San Bernardino de Siena66 de localnici recomandă
Fotografie cu Mercado Municipal
Mercado Municipal32 de localnici recomandă
Fotografie cu Casa de los Venados
Casa de los Venados29 de localnici recomandă
Fotografie cu Cenote Palomitas
Cenote Palomitas14 localnici recomandă
Fotografie cu La Casona de Valladolid
La Casona de Valladolid7 localnici recomandă

Toate activitățile din apropiere de Valladolid

Mayan Bees Tour & Honey Tasting
We will start the experience on a walking tour to the point where we will start a descent down a stairway to a dry cenote, there we will see some varieties of local plants, we will know their use and importance, we will enter the vault of the cenote where we can see some Local bee varieties in their wild state, it should be mentioned that bees do not sting because they do not have stings. Later we will walk through a path in the jungle where we will identify the main plants for the production of honey. We will arrive to our meliponario where we will talk about the process of honey coke, we will know about the other products of the comena as well as their health properties and we will even be able to open a beehive to observe the amazing architecture of the bees. We will make a tasting of honey and other products of the hive. And finally we will visit our small store of honey and souvenirs. Of course we will not forget the souvenir photo at the end of the experience. It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes for walking and closed shoes. Use organic mosquito repellent. We are a team of 4 guides, Jorge, Dianela, Gerardo and Julia, so one of us can accompany you in this experience Other things to note It is important to consider that it is necessary to be in physical condition to walk on nature trails, up and down stairs. Can use an organic repellent. It is important to be on time for the activity.
Walking Tour With a Local
It's a guided walking tour, focused mainly on providing travelers with an authentic and local experience of the city that they are visiting. We will walk through the historic center of Valladolid to visit the most emblematic places of the city, where we will tell you the history of each one of them, as well as facts, anecdotes and historical events that happened in each of these emblematic sites and you will listen to legends that do not go unnoticed. In addition, we offer you Tastings of local products. The tour is great for single travelers, couples, and families. It serves as a tour where travelers can connect with each other as well as form ideas on what they may want to further explore, during their time in the city or town. With our Walking Tour we hope to promote our local community and give travelers an experience in which they feel connected and informed. **These are our Routes** Walking Tour 10am -San servacio church -Los arcos (xtabentun tasting) -Cenote Zaci (observation) -Local market (tasting of fruit, sweets and condiments) Walking Tour 7pm -San servacio church -5 Calles & Calzada de los frailes -Bonito mercado (Honey tasting) -Ex-Convento de San Bernardino de siena (Video Mapping Light Show)
Immerse yourself in the sacred cenotes that surround the beautiful town of Valladolid, learn about the history and the importance of them in the mayan cosmovisión while we ride our bikes in the middle of the typical flora and fauna and places where tradition is still very much alive. We meet at our BikeTourHouse, departing to the cenote X-lakaj, a hidden gem away from touristic parades and known only by locals, where you can experience a total and almost mystical conection with nature. Take a swim while you listen to the birds sing and even get a free spa treatment from the fishes living there, ideal to forget about stress. Next stop is Chichimilia, a Little town where is possible to appreciate the real lifestyle of the locals and even taste their delicious gastronomy. After a visit in Chichimila we will go to the town of Tekom where is the other cenote. the approximate distance is 3km. When we get to Tekom we will have an hour to enjoy the place and then return to Valladolid. Other things to note WE MAKE A TOTAL ROUTE OF 30KM WITH APPROXIMATE TIME OF 6 HOURS
Chichen Itza Self-Guided Tour with Audio Narration & Map
Adventure awaits! Discover the mysteries of Chichen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of The World, with this self-guided walking tour. Explore its iconic step pyramid, learn about the rich Maya civilization, and uncover its deepest secrets! This self-guided audio tour allows you to explore the site with maximum flexibility & freedom. This 1.5 mile-long tour covers the essentials of Chichen Itza in 1-2 hours. READ BEFORE BOOKING Pick any date, time slot, or group type — it doesn’t matter. Since this is self-guided, use it anytime or any duration. Lifetime validity: once booked, it's yours forever. Use it multiple times across multiple days or be done in an hour — up to you! This is not an entrance ticket. Perfect for holiday travelers and team-building groups. HOW IT WORKS On booking, you’ll get instructions to download my tour guide app. Enter your Airbnb Booking Confirmation Code as the password (enabled within 10min). Complete all steps right away. Don’t wait until you’re onsite (no internet). When onsite, use your GPS to go to the start. Launch the tour. As you follow the tour route, my audio stories will play automatically.
Xkopek, Noche de Leyendas Mayas
se iniciará la actividad con una presentación de los participantes. Se darán las instrucciones para el recorrido, lo cual es importante respetar puntualmente. El tour inicia con una breve introducción del lugar y de las historias que se narrarán. En total oscuridad y con ayuda de linternas, velas o veladoras se adentrará en el interior del inframundo maya, un imponente cenote seco, se descenderán escaleras hasta llegar a los diversos puntos en los que contarán las leyendas mayas. A los pies de una ceiba maya, árbol sagrado de los mayas, se conocerá la historia oscura que guarda para los viajeros. Se visitará el Alux o guardián que protege este cenote sagrado, al cual se darán ofrendas de cacao como signo de respeto. Se conocerá la morada del guardián de los cenotes y su historia. También se conocerán los aposentos de los brujos mayas o wayes, su proceder para hacer maldad y cómo evitarlos. Estás y más historias se escucharán en esta experiencia. Se concluirá la noche compartiendo algún alimento y una bebida, en este momento los visitantes podrán compartir historias de sus lugares de origen.
Chichen Itza - cenote - Izamal
Visit with a shared professional certified guide in Chichen Itza. We'll arrive at opening time. So, besides having Chichén for your own (before the coast buses arrive), you'll also avoid the heat. After visiting the archaeological site, we'll Go to a remote cenote. A quiet place to rest or take a refreshing dip. There we will have lunch made by the local Mayan woman community. Our last stop is at Izamal, this yellow city with its 16th century convent constructed on a Mayan pyramid and having the second largest atrium in the world, is one of the Magical Towns of Mexico. We will show you some Mayan structures you still can climb. One of these is the third largest building in Mesoamerica (in terms of volume). Before we head back to Valladolid, you´ll have the opportunity to admire the beautiful work of one of the very talented local artisans Izamal offers: - Cocoyol: jewelry made from local fruit seeds and spine of henequen. - Miniatures: small-scale artwork. - Papier-mâché: amazing work with mâché paper. - Woodcarving: quite common artwork in the Mayaregion. Other things to note Includes: Transport with a.c., professional guide (+-1 1/2hrs + free time) in Chichén Itzá, entrance of a remote cenote, lunch, federal transport insurances, visit Izamal. Not included: Entrance to Chichen Itza 533/237 pp and tips.
Tour Chichen Itzá and Cenote
First stop will be an early shared guided visit to Chichen Itza. A professional certified guide will explain you about this New World Wonder. After the guided tour (+- 1h30min) you´ll have enough free time to enjoy the place and take some nice pictures. A deserved refreshing dip in an open cenote will be more than satisfying on our next stop. Includes: Transport with a.c., professional guide (+-1 1/2hrs + free time) in Chichén Itzá, entrance cenote, federal transport insurances. Not included: Entrance to Chichen Itza 571/283 pp and tips. We´ll be back in Valladolid at about 1:30pm.
Ek Balam & Cenote tour
Ek Balam or ‘Black Jaguar’ is one of the most important archaeological sites of Yucatan where you still can climb the structures. Recently they found a 80% intact stucco façade of the mausoleum of Ukit Kan Le’k Tok’, the most important Maya ruler of Ek Balam, with more than 7000 pieces of offerings dating back to the 8th century. Simply amazing! A shared professional certified guide will tell you about its history. A deserved refreshing dip in a remote open cenote will be more than satisfying. If you want, you can take a jump in it or take just a moment to relax.
Cenote "Puerta del Sueño"
Entra al inframundo maya, atravez de un cenote, completamente nuevo y espectacular, con un Jacuzi al entrar, y con grutas subacuáticas. Lleva tus sentidos a algo natural y con mucha energía que irradia este cenote cerrado el cual se forma hace millones de años. Y más
Rio Lagartos - Las Coloradas - Ek Balam
After picking you up in Valladolid, we start our adventure with a +-2 hours guided nature tour in the fishing village of Rio Lagartos, located at 104km/64miles. You'll see a lots of wildlife before wondering its main attraction: the pink flamingos. The Ria hosts, besides almost 400 bird species, the largest Mexican pink flamingo colony. You can admire them all year round because here they have the food and the perfect weather to stay. You can also try a Mayan bath. The natural white clay with salt helps to soften and rejuvenate your skin. After lunch we´ll make a picture stop at the pink lake of "Las Coloradas". The lake is not always pink. On the way back you´ll have a shared guided tour in one of the most important archaeological sites of Yucatán, Ek Balam or "Black Jaguar". The main palace is higher than the Kukulkan temple in Chichen Itzá and you still can climb the structures. Its almost intact stucco facade makes it different to all other Mayan sites. We´ll be back in Valladolid at around 5:30pm. Entrance to Ek Balam 494 pesos pp and drinks at lunch are not included. There is an optional entrance in Las Coloradas (300 pesos pp), not included.
Sesion fotográfica en Valladolid Yucatán con un local
Vamos a visitar lugares iconos de Valladolid Yucatán, a las 6.15 am nos vemos en el centro histórico a compañados de un fotografo profesional, eligiras una de las iglesias de la zona con una arquitecrura única, vas a disfrutar de conocer lugares culturales, vas a disfrutar de una sesión de fotos como una super modelo de alta costura durante una hora. Vas a poder escoger un vestido volador de tu agrado. Recibe un recuerdo único de su visita a Valladolid Yucatán México. Recibiras todas tus fotos y escogeras 15 fotos preferidas y se te editaran en alta calidad y un video.
Bike tour cenotes - mayas - market
Go Maya bike tour We'll start the tour explaining you about the local products sold on a typical Mexican market. After swimming in some gorgeous local cenotes (see picture) we´ll come to the highlight of the trip: the integration with the local Mayan people, back to basics. We'll show you how Mayas used to live like they did hundreds of years ago and still keep alive their original identity. You too can be part of it, by making your own tortillas, part of your lunch. You want to know about the Mayan Caste War, see how hammocks are made? You'll all get to know this on this beautiful 21km/15 miles bike ride around Valladolid. Other things to note This shared tour is 100% by bike. It´s recommended for children from 10 years old. Not included entrance to Cenotes +-200 pesos p/p
Lead this Adventure to the World of Cenotes
Hello fellow travelers! So in this type of experience I make sure you have one of the most incredible day of your life showing you 3 totally different type of cenotes that I have had the amazing pleasure of seeing. I start by picking you up and you decide on if you are hungry for some amazing regional tacos or ready to go to the amazing cenotes, of course with my most highly recommendations that I will have to offer you such as places to eat like famous tacos stands or simple fruit spots and then of course the amazing places to see with a huge variety of places that you will get to know. This special way of tour that I am announcing is for you to be satisfied in every way. 100% working with the client to guaranty a wonderful time. The price you pay for is for me and my vehicle which does not include gas. You will be paying for gasoline money, food, drinks, and entry fees. Note: If you happen to have gone to one of the cenotes that we will be going to that is not a problem we can easily go to another one luckily we have many options. Also send me a private message if you are looking to see much more places in one day. IMPORTANT NOTE: Paying this tour lets you decide if you wanna go to cenotes, archeological sites, rio largatos, las colorados, ext... literally anywhere you wanna go we can go! Before reserving ask about our discounts!
Mexican Cooking Class with feast in Valladolid
Let a professional Chef lead you through this amazing culinary journey. Meet the Chef at the Valladolid Market to get some antojitos and pick the ingredients for the class. Cook a 6 delicious dishes feast, learn salsas and prepare your own tortillas!!! Includes: Visit to the local market to get all ingredients for the cooking class and snacks in the market Cooking class with all the ingredients Gourmet feast Recipes All drinks (Aguas frescas, 2 beers, 1 tequila drink) 5-6 hours experience
Cocina y visita un cenote en bicicleta en Valladolid
Aprende a Cocinar una Comida Autentica Maya, difruta la Naturaleza y la cuidad de Valladolid en bicicleta y refrescate en un hermoso Cenote abierto! TODO ESTO incluye este tour completo que empieza a las 9am en Cafe Hostal Valladolid ubicado en el centro histórico de la ciudad, sobre la calle 37 201a entre 42 y 44. Aqui nos encontraremos para cocinar un rico desayuno a base de Chaya (Una planta de la peninsula muy alta en vitaminas) Nos reunimos con una Tia (señora Maya) quien nos enseñara a cocinar estas ricas comidas tipicas de la zona. Aqui desayunaremos en el patio y haremos tortillas a mano. Tambien vamos a enterrar en la tierra el pib de puerco o pollo (el turista escoje) y lo dejamos a cocinar aprox 2 horas. Comenzamos nuestra ruta en las bicis al Cenote Xlakaj. Aqui los guiare hacia el Xibalba (la entrada al inframundo Maya). Este es un hermoso lugar natural para nadar y saltar de las paredes naturales del cenote. Después nos devolvemos al Hostal a comer nuestra rico Pibil con tortillas a mano hechas con amor por la Tia Elvia. El tour durará aprox 5 horas. Este tour incluye dos ricas comidas desayuno y almuerzo. Les garantizo que van a terminar muy cansados, felices y satisfechos. Aqui los Espero!
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