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Bring the whole family to this great 4 season lakefront cabin. Enjoy snowmobiling, skating (you will need to shovel), snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing & winter walking. Summer swimming, beach, kayaking, lazy afternoons. 5 bedrooms, 8 queen beds, 2 full baths, washer/dryer. Open functional kitchen/island seating =4 /dining table =8. Deck dining = 10+



Local family owned for nearly 50 years , this property holds many memories across 4 generations. . .start making yours TODAY! Private, lakefront, one level, spacious and functional, well maintained.

As this is our family home, please respect it as you would your own home or better yet, your mother's home. We stay at the cabin throughout the year when Airbnb tenants are not in place. We have had the same neighbours the entire time we have owned the property and when you're at the lake there always comes a time when you need each other.

Please consider quiet hours from 10PM to 10AM. We know that with increasing day length this can be easily forgotten as we can all get distracted having a good time.

WATER AND SEPTIC - It is critically important to monitor the status of both of these systems - water in/water out. Water is hauled in from Prince Albert. You will start your holiday with up to 1250 gallons of potable, that is drinkable water. In the winter this water is used for ALL systems - drinking, dishwasher/manual washing, washing machine, showers and toilets. Please take quick showers, flush the toilet for solid wastes , use the WATER MISER setting on the dishwasher, and set the washing machine for light soil, unless clothes are really dirty. Diapers, feminine hygiene /bladder control products, paper towels and food are NOT to be flushed down the toilet.

When the water tank in the basement reaches the BLACK line it is your responsibility to phone the water hauling service, the phone number of which is posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen. Water delivery is typically the following day and someone will need to be onsite. Discretionary water use until the truck comes will serve you in good stead. The cabin address is also on the bulletin board.

While water monitoring is visual, SEPTIC TANK STATUS is indicated with the RED LIGHT in the big bathroom, on the wall, clearly marked, by the washing machine. When the RED light goes on, please phone for the "honey wagon". The septic at that point is NOT ready to overflo, but it must be respected. There is about 8 inches of room left till it does breach its cover. From that point on, discretion of water consumption is recommended. The septic truck can usually come same day, but NOT always. The phone number is on the bulletin board with the water hauling service number. No one needs to be onsite for the septic truck.

If water and sewer services are req’d , access for the large trucks is necessary so cars will need to be relocated for a few minutes.

Bills for both of these services will be sent to us directly. If there is a new driver, please tell him the bill is for the JANZEN cabin on Clearsand Beach.

GARBAGE - this might seem complicated, but it is not. It is however mandatory to deal with garbage correctly or bears and ravens will be an issue again this year and you will hear them rooting around looking for food.

1) refundable recyclables - put in the BLUE bin on the deck or by the deck door depending upon the season. ONLY aluminum cans, plastic water bottles with no lids , fruit juice plastic containers with no lids, beer and wine bottles are accepted. NO milk cartons are accepted. Please replace the large green garbage bag already in the garbage can bottom if you fill up the container. If you do not rinse the containers out, flies/bees/wasps in season, are an issue... not to mention the smell!

2) recyclables other - eg rinsed out tins, cardboard flattened, glass jars- please use the outside garbage can by the main entry door. There will be a garbage bag in this as it will be taken directly to the community bin by us or by you depending upon your length of stay.

3) regular garbage - eg left over foodstuffs, paper towels, food containers, diapers, etc - There are white garbage bags under the kitchen sink for the garbage can there. There is also a large grey garbage can by the side of the fridge. Disposal of these items MUST be one of the following:

a) put in the bear proof garbage can at the back of the lot, IF and ONLY IF the RM decides to do garbage pickup this year, or/

b) take down the road either just before Ambrose Grocery or at the entrance of Doran Park where the big bins are and dump it ,or/

c) take it home with you to be disposed of there.

The right sided sink in the kitchen does have a garburator which can be used respectfully. The switch is on the backsplash to the left of the sink. NO bones, oatmeal, cutlery, bottle caps, aluminum can tabs, chicken skin, meat fat or onion skins can go in it. Plate wash off after meals and vegetable peelings are fine for the garburator. The dishwasher does drain through the garburator so after EACH use, the garburator must be turned on together with cold running water and a loose cap placed on it. If this is not done, the foodstuffs will back drain into the dishwasher and be all over everything baked on during the drying cycle. If you do not cover carefully the contents of the garburator when it’s on, they will fly out like a blender without a lid. Try not do this to yourselves or to us. The food splatter will be everywhere including on the ceiling.
NEVER put your hand or fingers into the garburator when it is running. It is not a toy.
Hospital and ambulance are 30-45 minutes away minimum and there will not be any body part left to sew on if it went in the garburator. There are NO hospitals in Christopher Lake. The closest one is the Victoria Union Hospital in Prince Albert.

There is NO food composting at the lake because of the bears.

Please wipe up after yourselves. This is a "self cleaning" kitchen. The ceran cleaner is under the sink for the cooktop. This is the ONLY product to be used on it. Do not use scrubbers, stainless steel pads, comet, vim, magic eraser or the like on the cooktop or stove.
The oven will be clean upon your arrival with a tin foil protector on the bottom. All dishes, casseroles, cook and service ware, cutlery etc will be clean. The table cloth will be clean. Please wipe up any splatter, drips and spillage from the floor or cabinets.

LAUNDRY - The need to do laundry is understood especially when guests are on a long stay or have small children. Please respect size of the loads, use of detergents , water consumption and septic.
Most clothes realistically are light or medium soiled. Choose accordingly. Water temp is your selection option. We do not recommend bringing clothes that require dry cleaning to the lake as that service is not available.
Basic laundry supplies are in the sink cabinetry opposite the toilet.
Please do NOT use bleach on any of our towels or linens. Any bleach spots you may see on linens or towels are because previous guests were unable to follow this request .

BARBQUE - the barbque is provided for your use. Barbque tools are in the barbque. A full propane tank with a spare in the basement is provided. PLEASE remember to turn off the propane when you are done cooking. If you forget to turn off the tank and bleed it dry please take the tank to Ambrose Grocery and refill it for the next tenant as a courtesy to us and to them.


Please follow the turn on and turn off steps for the barbque:
To turn ON - turn on the propane tank ON FIRST, then open the FIRST dial marked #1, then push the ignitor. Once the first grill lights, you may turn on the others.
To turn OFF - FIRST turn off the propane tank, then the dials.
If you follow these steps no air bubbles or gas locks in the line will occur and everything will run smoothly. If you don't follow this protocol, it may take awhile to get it started.
Once the barbque has cooled off, please replace the cover. Thx.

KNIVES - please do NOT cut on an unprotected countertop. Lots of cutting boards ( wood, glass and composite) are provided. If you need more than are put out, open the tall narrow door beside the dishwasher and you will find them there. All of the countertops are free of cutting marks and punctures. We want to keep them this way.

Upon departure, please put all of the dirty wet towels in the bathtub. Please strip the beds, REMOVING pillow cases, pillow protectors, sheets and duvet covers. We will handle this laundry once your depart.

Please TURN OUT ALL OF THE LIGHTS IN THE CABIN AND TURN OFF THE TV as part of your final walk through. If you want anything we find of yours left behind to be returned to you, please send me your address and I will make arrangements for that.

Please close all of the WINDOWS and BLINDS.
Please lock the door when you leave and put the key back in the smart keybox, using the code previously set up. You will be advised of it's location after the booking is confirmed. One hour after your departure, the access code will automatically cancel from the lock box.
Please send us a TEXT that you have left the cabin if we have not already arrived.

Please let us know of any deficiencies you encountered. Most things we can deal with, except for the weather. Please put these in the personal comments vs the public property reviews.

Please be aware that this is a one level living space upon entry . There are no steps in and out of any living areas, bedrooms or bathrooms. The large deck is completely enclosed with a metal support post and cable system. The deck however is ABOVE ground and there is a flight of stairs , also with railing and landing platform that allows access to the beach and lake. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch your children and yourselves when going up and down the stairs.

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Lakeland No. 521, Saskatchewan, Canada

Clearsand Beach, large lot , private beach . Friendly long-standing neighbours.
Access for snowmobiles is clearly marked between cabins on crown land south of our property. No drive in access for fishing shacks through the property. This can be accessed from Spruce Point boat launch site.

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You will see from my past reviews that I enjoy traveling and meeting people along the way. I adapt quite easily to the surroundings I find myself in and appreciate local direction to get me started. I owned my own business for 35 years and am enjoying the freedom I have now as I am working less .
You will see from my past reviews that I enjoy traveling and meeting people along the way. I adapt quite easily to the surroundings I find myself in and appreciate local direction…

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