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Room in a ecological loghouse for people who are sensitive & with aesthetic demands. Much more personal than a hotel but with the comfort of it. Small but charming!


I offer a small but very cosy and very calm and light room for one person in our ecologically built home.
It has an outstanding good sleeping climate. The timber piling is of Aleppo pine simply waxed with natural oil & waxes. (Please keep off water & liquids from it).
The curtains are made of pure linen; the bed coverings are filled with wool or duns. And all the linen is washed with ecological, vegan laundry products (see the picture) !!!

** eventually I can offer one or even 2 supplementary beds in another sleeping room. Just ask me.

The bedrooms all have Mains disconnection relays (demand switches) so that during the night, when YOU switch off the last light in YOUR room, no more electricity is under the room!

The bathroom with a shower cabin is next door to the sleeping room. Both are on the ground level which is at mezzanine level. TOWELS, shampoo & shower gel (Natural & Organic ranges) etc. are PROVIDED!

I offer this room WITH or WITHOUT breakfast – and: there are different variations of breakfast: very small à la Française or quite considerable in an Anglo-Saxon way. Have a look at the pictures.
All these Variations of breakfast are made with 100 % organic products & vegetarian or vegan if required. Please tell me the exact ingredients of your favourite breakfast about THREE DAYS before your arrival as I have no stocks of those. The simplest is you choose one of those I offer.

Parking place for your car is in front of the house.
The house has a porch, as seen on the pictures, where from you have an outstanding view on top of the baroque city of Fulda.*

A bus stop - it is called Fulda-Galerie Mondrianplatz (Mondrian Square) - is at 300m, diagonally in the south west from the house. There you may take a bus No 5A or No 5B (on the opposite side of the street) to the main station or the city; the main station is exactly 4 km from the house. A schedule is available here or we check the timetable at the internet.
We live in a residential area.

I love to pamper my guests. I used to be an air hostess. (!!!) - I like you appreciation!

!!! It is very important to me that my house remains free from chemical fragrances, scents, weird odours and scents from genetically modified substances, such as FABRIC SOFTENER!!! That is why the apartment is highly recommended for sensitive and allergy-ridden people.
This is also the reason why I EXPECT THIS attitude FROM MY GUESTS.
I BEG my guests, NOT to use sleepwear which has been treated with CONVENTIONAL CHEMICAL LAUNDRY AGENTS + SOFTENER.
THE FACT IS: Unfortunately, this chemical scents accumulate in the clothes and it takes up to five laundries with ALMAWIN, ECOVER, SODASAN, SONNET, KLAR, HELD (Switzerland), soap nuts or some other detergent from the Organic & NATURAL DIVISION until this ENERVATING accumulated and omnipresent scent of former softeners (etc.) is gone.
I provide t-shirts & pyjama/short pants & other WITHOUT CHEMICAL SCENT, if you really want to book my room - I'M NOT TO BE ABOUT TO DO ANY COMPROMISE!
Nobody knows as much as I do about these scents last on the bed and in the room and how long I have to live with them after the guest has departed, far more than 14 days!

You may have a radio. WIFI is provided

You may use the garden and the terrace on the porch; there are relax and sun lounger.

I speak German, English, French and Luxembourgish.

You may tell me all of your requests – we will find a solution!

* Fulda is a city in East Hesse, Germany; it is located on the river Fulda and is the administrative seat of the Fulda district.

*Middle Ages* :
The Benedictine monastery of Fulda was founded in 744 by Saint Sturm, a disciple of Saint Boniface, as one of Boniface's outposts in the reorganization of the church in Germany. It later served as a base from which missionaries could accompany Charlemagne's armies in their political and military campaign to fully conquer and convert pagan Saxony.
The initial grant for the abbey was signed by Carloman, the son of Charles Martel. The support of the Mayors of the Palace and later, the early Pippinid and Carolingian rulers, was important to Boniface's success. Fulda also received support from many of the leading families of the Carolingian world. Sturm, whose tenure as abbot lasted from 747 until 779, was most likely related to the Agilolfing dukes of Bavaria. Fulda also received large and constant donations from the Etichonids, a leading family in Alsatia, and the Conradines, predecessors of the Salian Holy Roman Emperors. Under Sturm, the donations Fulda received from these and other important families helped in the establishment of daughter houses Johannesberg and Petersberg near Fulda. (from wikipedia)

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Fulda, Hesse, Germania

The neighbourhood mainly consists of one family houses, some bigger houses with flats. Good possibilities for walking, jogging in the nature

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Hallo zusammen, English see below, pour le texte Français voir en bas. Künstlerin auf allerhand Gebieten ist meine Berufung. Ich freue mich, viele nette Gäste aus aller Welt willkommen zu heißen. Bitte kommuniziere offen mit mir, ich tue das selbe! Ohne ehrliche Kommunikation geht bei mir nichts, ich bin kein anonymes Hotel! Seit Juni 2008 gehe ich den Gang der Achtsamkeit, Ballengang oder GODO genannt. Dieser internationale Name hat Dr. med. Hans Peter GREB seiner Entdeckung gegeben & ein Buch dazu geschrieben: "Godo - Der Gang mit dem Herzen" - [die 5. Edition davon heißt jetzt BALLENGANG (koha Verlag)] - Wir Menschen sind genetisch angelegte Ballengänger - das hat Dr. Greb bewiesen. Ohne GODO wäre ich JETZT nicht dort & was & wo ich heute bin. Gerne modelliere ich Portraits nach der Natur. Ich liebe klassische Musik (Eric Satie, J.S. Bach, A. Dvorak, J. Brahms, Philipp Glass u. v. w.) sowie Musik der Welt; Mein Mann Bernhard H. & ich haben 4 erwachsene Kinder, 2 Töchter, 2 Söhne, und 4 Enkel - geboren zwischen 2010 und 2018. Ich selber reise gerne per Zug & auch per Auto & übernachte am liebsten bei netten Menschen aber auch gerne in interessanten kleinen Hotels, resp. in BioHotels. Ich mag das Meer & wünsche mir, 1x / Jahr ein paar Wochen am Meer zu verbringen - gerne am Atlantik in der Nähe von Royan in S.W.Frankreich oder am Mittelmeer oder auf MittelmeerInsel wie Kreta. Ich lese gerne Bücher von Haruki Murakami, Asfa-Wossen Asserate, Bücher die mir ZU-FALLEN, von und zu Schiller und seiner Zeit. Ich gehe sehr gerne ins Kino & koche gerne & ziemlich gut, im Prinzip zu 100% vegetarisch, nur sehr selten etwas Fisch! Quasi alles was hier durch meine Küche geht ist im Prinzip 100% bio. BITTE lies auch das "KLEINGEDRUCKTE" - es betrifft meinen sehr empfindlichen GeruchsSinn bezüglich der chemischen Düfte von herkömmlichen Waschmitteln & Weichspülern an DEINEN Kleidern oder von herkömmlichen KörperKosmetika auf DEINER Haut !!! Auch wenn es vielleicht schwer vorstellbar ist, nimm mich ernst. Ich nehme jeden künstlich hergestellten Duft an dir wahr. Und dieser überträgt sich dann hier quasi wie "mark, copy, paste" auf Bett & Zimmer. Für lange Zeit! Ich kann ein Lied davon singen. Hello you all I'm an artist in various domains (sculpture, modelling, drawing, cooking, sewing etc..) & I look very much forward having friendly guests from all of the world. Since summer 2008 I practise the "gait of awareness & consciousness" with each step. The man who discovered that this walking is our genetically correct way of walking is Dr med Hans Peter GREB from KIEL: He walks like this since 1974. I can tell you that this way of walking brought many a change for the better to me, physical, moral & spiritual enhancement. Dr Greb gave it an international name: Godo (from the Japanese game 'GO' (also to go) & DO - an Asian word for 'WAY'... & 'to do'. In Art I like to model busts or draw portraits, but also like painting big big paintings. It is the mermaid who is my favourite subject. In 2002 I had a big & great one woman art exhibition in my native city of Luxembourg with the title: "Hundertwasserweibchen - Melusine und ihre Schwestern" +++ The thing is that in this moment I don't have an atelier for doing this kind of smudge work... I love classical music, especially J. S. BACH, Eric Satie, Dvorak, Brahms, Philip Glass & others of the kind, but also world-music. My husband Bernhard & I have 4 grown-up children & 4 grandchildren born between 2010 & 2018. I love to travel also - I'd like to stay once a year @ the Atlantic Ocean, best near Royan in South Western France. I also like the Mediterranean. The Isle of Crete for example. I like to go to the cinema or viewing old classical movies, especially French movies. I read a lot of Haruki Murakami books in these last years but I like also classical literature. And: I am a pretty good cook - most of the time it's vegetarian, Mediterranean or with an Asian Touch - approx. 4 x/year I eat some nice fish, such as organic or wild salmon. All I cook or prepare for the meals is rather 100% organic. PLEASE READ the so called FINE PRINT regarding my very special olfactory sense relating to the odours/perfumes of conventional laundry detergent & fabric conditioner in your clothes & nightwear as well as your conventional body toiletries or cosmetics such as perfume, shampoo, aftershave etc... many Thx! Salut à tous, Artiste dans toutes sortes de domaines, je me réjouis d'accueillir de nombreux hôtes sympathiques du monde entier. Depuis juin 2008 je suis la démarche de la pleine conscience, démarche sur l'avant pied d'abord ou «GODO". Le Dr Hans Peter [=Jean Pierre] GREB de Kiel a donné ce nom international (GODO) à sa découverte en 1974 et a écrit un livre à ce sujet: "Godo - La dé-marche avec le cœur» - parce que notre "pompe" est entraînée DEUX fois en posant notre pied d'abord sur l'avant pied, comme en dansant, et ENSUITE sur le talon. En outre, cette dé-marche est notre démarche génétique. Sans la GODO je ne serai pas ce que je suis aujourd'hui. Et j'en suis extrêmement reconnaissante. J'aime sculpter des portraits d'après nature. J'aime la musique classique (Eric Satie, J.S. Bach, Dvorak, Brahms, Philip Glass) et la musique du monde; Bernard H., mon mari et moi avons 4 enfants adultes, 2 filles, 2 garçons et 4 petits-enfants - nés entre 2010 et 2018 Personnellement j'aime voyager en train et aussi de temps en temps en voiture et passer des jours avec des gens sympas ou dans un Hôtel écolo et bio ou autre hôtel sympa. J'aime la mer et mon rêve est de passer quelques semaines par an à la mer - par exemple au bord de l'océan Atlantique, près de Royan en France du Sud-Ouest ou au bord de la Méditerranée, ou sur l'île de Crète. J'aime lire des livres du Japonais Haruki Murakami ou des œuvres classiques et autres. J'adore aller au cinéma. J'aime les films fran¢ais surtout. Je cuisine d'excellents plats végétariens, rarement je mange un peu de poisson! Tout ce qui passe dans ma cuisine est essentiellement bio à 100%. S'IL VOUS PLAÎT veuillez lire les «clauses en petits caractères» - qui font référence à mon sens de l'odorat très sensible au sujet de parfums, détergents et lessives, adoucissures pour textiles ou cosmétiques CONVENTIONNELS sur VOTRE peau et sur VOS vêtements de nuit. Merci!
Hallo zusammen, English see below, pour le texte Français voir en bas. Künstlerin auf allerhand Gebieten ist meine Berufung. Ich freue mich, viele nette Gäste aus aller Welt willko…

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We may talk a little - but no endless stories of our lives ;-))

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