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    Personalizarea poziției locuinței pe hartă

    Your exact map location is available to confirmed guests, but what about potential guests in public search? You can choose how your location is shown by selecting either:

    • General location: Show the area around your listing—the neighborhood and its proximity to landmarks, transportation, and other points of interest.
    • Specific location: Show a small circle with greater accuracy, but not the exact point. Please note: For Hosts in the Resident Hosting program, enabling this setting will allow your listing to be merchandised under your property’s name and exact address by Airbnb or by your property.

    Pentru a edita adresa locuinței tale

    1. Accesează secțiunea Anunțuri și selectează anunțul.
    2. Sub Detaliile anunțului, accesează Poziție.
    3. Lângă Adresă, dă clic pe Editează.
    4. Editează-ți adresa, apoi dă clic pe Salvează.

    Don’t forget: You can also answer any questions guests might have about location in your message thread.

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