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Personalized Old City experience
We will first visit the Badshahi Ashurkhana, a Shia-Muslim place of mourning, which is one of the oldest landmarks of Hyderabad, that is more than 400 years old. After that we will walk through the lanes of the Old City, and then visit the Charminar (open from sunrise, tickets must be bought online), which is Hyderabad's foundation, and then proceed to visit other places nearby like the Mecca Masjid (mosque, only from outside) . These places will make you understand the city's core Persian culture and architecture of the Qutb Shahi dynasty (1518-1687). Guests may also get a peak into seeing live how Irani chai is made; at a cafe near the Charminar. And for book lovers , the guided tour will also include a visit to one the oldest book store's in Hyderabad, which sells rare books (only in 2nd half of the day). Those interested in purchasing the books, which include English, Persian, Arabic and Urdu collections, can do so. Please keep in mind, we will also visit religious places, so wearing shorts might hinder access in one of the religious places (carrying a scarf is also adviced). Participants also have the option to eat Hyderabad's famous (and ubiquitous) Biryani. This is optional, and depends on personal preferences. Other things to note The meeting point is easy to reach. Participants have to buy your their tickets at online, without fail. The tour can be customized depending on your interests. We can also have the famous Hyderabadi biryani for lunch, provided participants are comfortable with eating out.
Qutb Shahi Tombs history walk
You will first start with understanding the basic architecture of the historic necropolis, its designs and why the Qutb Shahi tombs are being restored (this is very important), after which participants will get an overview of the entire place, along with its basic history. Given that there are 7 Qutb Shahi (Golconda) kings, we'll visit each of their tombs and learn the history of the empire in a chronological empire. More importantly, participants will also be made to learn, through the usage of maps, the entire histoy of the Deccan (India) and its foundations of how it came to be. This history walk will also more importantly teach participants of the historical background of the Golconda fort and Hyderabad, and the city's connection to Persian culture. It will also throw light on the city s local cultures/stories/customs that exist today. Participants will also be provided with some reference material with accurate historical information (which you are most welcome to verify), so that they can refer to it while listening to the host during the walk. Each tomb has its own significance, and participants will be taken to each of the major tombs, and a few of the step-wells inside the premises as well. Other things to note In case you are in Hyderabad for the first time, consider going to the Golconda fort before or after this history walk, as it will give you a rounded view of the city and help you understand things better. Just be vary of the weather, and maybe bring sunscreen as well.
A day with a South Indian Family
Once you arrive at our home, we begin by learning to brew the aromatic filter coffee. While the coffee brews, I will take you to the temple near by, where we explore some interesting stories and common customs. After you get back home, we sit down for a cup of filter coffee, discussing the menu and ingredients for the cook along session. You get to cook some of the most loved South Indian specialities as we discuss the flavours & spices used. Now we sit down to relish the home cooked meal you made. I will customise the plan according to your interests. This is a fun, relaxed and hands on experience as I take you home and it can't get more authentic than this!
Old Hyderabad Food Walk
In an evening walking tour lasting 3 hours, we will visit some of the best eateries serving Hyderabadi food and sample some delights and delicacies. From the local take on the famous paya to melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, from three types of chai to the famous Osmania biscuit – we will try out ten different dishes on the walk. Highlights - Paya Masala: The quintessential Hyderabadi breakfast is incomplete without a trencher of paya soaked up with the square Hyderabadi naan. This dish transforms the watery naan into a thicker masala and is eaten with a regular roti. You have to try it to believe it! - Bheja fry: The brain fry is a typical Hyderabadi accompaniment, and has tons of flavor Kebabs: We try out and face off three varieties of kebabs against each other – which will be the winner. Is it one or the other? (Hint: It’s usually all three!) - Chai: Chai is the essential drink of India. In Hyderabad, we have our own special – it’s called Irani chai. Thick, sweet and served in tiny cups, it has driven millions of arguments and friendly conversations over the years. We try out a couple more types of chai and let you decide which you prefer. Other things to note Carry little luggage with you - you will be using both hands to eat and sometimes we will be eating street-side. We will provide you with bottled water and tissues to clean your hands.
Rejuvenate yourself with Cupping Therapy
Hi! Join with me to learn about cupping therapy and immerse yourself in the awesome experience. I'll explain different techniques we use, and how to do cupping therapy. This is a hands-on workshop, so be prepared to enjoy the treatment too which is conducted by male therapist. I will customize the treatment to make your experience unique. ★ Short lesson about cupping therapy, types, techniques, and oils. ★ After this, you will get a back exfoliation, and then, we will start your cupping therapy. We will finish the workshop with some time for questions and conclusions. This is an amazing experience for you to share with a friend or loved one. I am confident you will enjoy learning about cupping therapy and a bit more about yourself. My Other Experience - Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage Therapy : https://www.airbnb.co.in/experiences/4701923 Message us to customize the timing, location (chennai, mahabalipuram, auroville & pondicherry) etc. for any of my experiences. DM to check few more massage experiences which is not listed here.
Roti - An Introduction to Indian breads
Roll up your sleeves and get ready to level up your Roti game. Whether you are a novice or looking to hone your technique, join me, to make 4 types of Indian flat breads and savor a 5 course meal Along the way we will trade stories, discuss the local food and beverages scene and enjoy nourishing food with local craft beer. Other things to note : Contact me if dates you are looking for are not available. There is a 50% chance that I might be able to reschedule my other class (Introduction to Dosa) and open up availability to this class for you. If you have any other questions regarding this experience, feel free to contact me.
Street Food Tour and Visit to the local Market in Bangalore
1. Pick up at Vijayanagar Metro station. 2. Exploring the food streets of Vijayanagar for pure vegetarian chats, main course and local desserts along with exotic beverages. This takes a lot of time and i bet 200 bucks you would love this!!! 3. Intensive Shopping at local street market. Make sure you have space in your bags for goods. Exotic fruits, sweets, confectionery, chocolate, spices, talismans and souvenirs. 4. Coffee at Indraprastha restaurant. 5. Dropping back to Vijayanagar Metro station. Other things to note Don't bring too much luggage be free to move and have space for shopping in your bags. (Royal treatment if you bring me Duty free Liquor from the airport, for which i am going to pay of course
Indian tea culture & Shisha/hookah
Indian tea also known as "chai" is integral part of Indian culture. It's brewed and enjoyed in different forms across the country. So I'd like to invite you on this wonderful experience, where you'd get a slice of Indian tea culture as we are going to talk about tea stories and history of tea in India over a cup of tea. If you are shisha (hookah) lover, I can made that for you as I am so much passionate about it! So basically we can pair tea & shisha. Also, I'd love to teach you how to prepare tea and shisha if you are interested.
Street Shopping with Local Food
This experience happens at Chennai's first pedestrian plaza, Pondy Bazaar. The entire stretch of 1.5 kms is full of shops selling a range of things from clothes, accessories, fabric, jewellery, fresh flowers, fruits and so on. I will meet you at a common spot & we start walking from there. We stop at shops which interest you and I will help you pick up the things you like. We finish off the experience by having chai/ the famous South Indian filter coffee along with some local snacks at a restaurant.(The cost for food/drinks is not included in the experience) If you do not find a timing/ date that suits you, please write to me and I will be happy to work around and accommodate you. Other things to note: Please wear comfortable shoes and light, preferably cotton clothes. Since Chennai is warm throughout the year, carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated.
Ethnic Dress up, Makeover & Photoshoot
Get ready for a unique local experience - an elaborate dress up and makeover session at my studio. After choosing the style of saree, you learn how to drape it on yourself, followed by an extensive makeup session and hairdo, and a professional photoshoot. I will also guide you with the various poses and props for the photoshoot. You take home a memorable souvenir of your photo prints along with a link to download your pictures. If you do not find a timing/ date that suits you, please write to me and I will be happy to work around and accommodate you.
Mouth watering food & mind blowing music with great ambiance
Enjoy the tastiest food in Bangalore with some good music. Join me on one of the most beautiful musical event.. WE WILL DJ YOUR PARTY JUST THE WAY YOU WANT US TO..! TRINITROCOSMIC has been creating musical chemistry mainly in the sub genre of progressive, forest,Darkpsy,Hi-Tech and Psycore trance based in Bangalore under BRAHMA RECORDS. Also DJ FELICITIOUS can make you whirl and twirl with the POWER OF Hollywood, Kollywood,Mollywood and Bollywood Bass music. Let's turn it into sound does have some airy moments. YOUR PARTY, OUR MUSIC..!!!
Kombucha Guided Tasting at India's first Kombucha Taproom
Kombucha Guided Tasting - Sample on-tap flavours at India's first kombucha taproom in Bangalore. We will be taking you through the introduction of kombucha, different brewing styles, teas and flavourings like botanicals, spices and fruits. Mountain Bee Kombucha taproom is an extension of our existing brewery where we make all of our raw and bold kombucha flavours. You get to experience kombucha, ask questions and learn first-hand about this beautiful fermented beverage.
Scooter lessons, food and temple tour
Your lovely hosts Deepika and Rohit will take you around on two scooters and teach you how to ride! 1. We'll be starting off by having the best South Indian breakfast, Dosa at a local’s favourite eating corner 2. A small temple visit to give you a glimpse of Hindu culture 3. We’ll also teach you how to ride a scooter on empty roads of our neighbourhood and giving you all the knowledge of how a gearless scooter works and tips to ride in Indian traffic! We shall be piloting both the scooters during the tour Your hosts love to share their life experiences, thoughts and way of life in India and we would love to guide you for your travel in India Do contact me if you want to book on a date of your liking!
Bestt kept secret of Bangalore with Dinesh
Join me as I take you on a journey of lifetime; filled with life, laughter, WoWs and more. From Exploring- The best food around hidden delicacies of Malleshwaram, Places around Bangalore that are not much known to travellers and witness Bangalore in no better way than this tailor made curation. So why wait? Take a backseat and witness Bangalore's serene Beauty, we've covered it all. We have well-tried and tested plans that is as smooth as our masala dosa. 5% off for couples. 15% off for defence personnels. 25% off for people with disability.
An introduction to Dosa
India's signature crepe comes in different varieties and forms. Allow me introduce you to this world. During the course of the afternoon we will 1) Understand the traditional ingredients and process that make a Dosa 2) Cook a few types of Dosa. You are free to do as much or as little as you are comfortable during the session. 3) Eat some Dosa. Paired with its traditional accompaniments of course Along the way we will trade stories, discuss the local food and beverages scene and enjoy a nourishing meal with local craft beer. Contact me : If the dates you are looking for are not available. There is a 50% chance that I might be able to reschedule my other class (Introduction to Roti) and open up availability to this class for you. If you have any other questions regarding this experience, feel free to get in touch.
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